Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Running girl

She wakes up is she lost, she runs only to find herself back to where she started! She stops at a tree and recognizes the carving in the tree bark. She said to herself, “I’ve  been here with mum and dad. This is where I found Cuddles my puppy”. She was worried now she has seen the tree it makes her miss her family even more she keeps running screaming “MUM,DAD CUDDLES, WHERE ARE YOU, I AM COMING!!!!”. She didn’t give up she couldn’t not after seeing that carving she got tired, she fought her sleep she kept looking and she freaked out because she just noticed it never went dark it was still day time!

When she finally falls asleep she wakes up in a bed in her house she goes outside and can see her puppy Cuddles and that was the only thing she could see....

Until she saw the forest she screamed, she cried and she shouted. She ran to Cuddles and gave her a huge hug “I love you so much so much Cuddles!!!” she said.Cuddles just licked her face Cuddles was only a puppy!

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