Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Holiday Description

Dear Lauren

what I did in Holidays I went to waiuku beach and went fishing and I was freezing cold and all I saw was seaweed , water and our  fishing rods and we never caught any fish at all but I did have a splendid time going to waiuku beach and spending time with my family.

I went to my sisters last week and saw her kids Jas and Jade I was having so much fun because I got to play on her neighbours razor scooter and when I first got on I fell off and bonked my head on the ground and then tried it a again and that time I did not fall off  and then we went inside to have dinner which was spaghetti and ballerinas it was so yum. Then I went for a shower and got into my pajamas for bedtime . The next day my my friends came over for the night their names are aaliyah and ford .Then we started to play all day so my sister made us a fort to play in with my niece and nephew.

Last sunday I went and watched the lorax From Shantai .

Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Kid Capturer

Long long ago there lived a little family. In this family there was Sophie, Chris and her mum . Sophie had nice shiny blond hair as shiny as a sunflower. She could sing as beautiful as Christina Aguilera. There was one bad man called Jack. He was as mean as a cheetah and a tiger mixed together. He takes kids away quickly like a speeding car.   

On Friday Sophie was walking home from school then all of a sudden Jack bumped into her   and Sophie said ,” Watch where you're going,” Jack turned in anger and said,”Nobody talks   to me like that young lady!. He chased after her. Sophie was horribly terrified and she ran for her life. She stopped at her house. Sophie’s mother looked out the window and saw that her  daughter was being hit and was horribly hurt . Her mother went outside straight away and   tried to help poor Sophie. Sophie was in pain she had to go to the doctors straight away.      

Chris called the police and Jack was never seen again .From that day on, Chris would pick Sophie up from school. Jack was never seen again by Sophie. A few years later Sophie read in the paper that Jack had been caught stealing a car. He was sent to prison and stayed there for the rest of his life.