Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Holiday Description

Dear Lauren

what I did in Holidays I went to waiuku beach and went fishing and I was freezing cold and all I saw was seaweed , water and our  fishing rods and we never caught any fish at all but I did have a splendid time going to waiuku beach and spending time with my family.

I went to my sisters last week and saw her kids Jas and Jade I was having so much fun because I got to play on her neighbours razor scooter and when I first got on I fell off and bonked my head on the ground and then tried it a again and that time I did not fall off  and then we went inside to have dinner which was spaghetti and ballerinas it was so yum. Then I went for a shower and got into my pajamas for bedtime . The next day my my friends came over for the night their names are aaliyah and ford .Then we started to play all day so my sister made us a fort to play in with my niece and nephew.

Last sunday I went and watched the lorax From Shantai .

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Rebekah SB said...

Hi Shantai,

I like the work you have done.
It looks like you have done a good job with your work and I think that you have done an awesome job with your work and then posting it so we could see it.
That's all I have to say about your terrific work.
By Rebekah

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