Tuesday, 30 June 2015


This is a presentation about Matariki made by Me and Deandra, Deandra had
made the questions and I answered. (Matariki is in New Zealand but is called
other names in different cultures).


This was made by my friend Tiere and I, I hope you
enjoy reading about Charito̱ménos the pegasus.

My Bio Poem

This my Bio Poem I did forget to publish it. I made a few changes
but I hope you get a bit more information about who I am!

My Writing Goals

My Maths Goals

Friends Wanted!

Me and my friend Deandra created this DLO to advertise friends
this DLO is all about friends and how you know they are not
fake or lying to you just remember if your not like this it doesn't
make you a bad person.

Art Brainstorm

This DLO is related to a piece of artwork our classroom
will soon have. I have put these symbols and have also
written a mini description to show what represent.

Mythical Creatures From The Disney Movie Hercules

I made this relating once again to another movie except this one
is Hercules (The Disney Movie Of course). I have tried very
hard to fit all the pictures in so that you may see each and every
mythical creature that was featured in this movie.

Percy Jackson Movie

This is a presentation me, my friend Deandra and another friend Tiere made
in relation to our movie study (Percy Jackson). We have tried our best to
make this as interesting as possible we hope you like it!!!

My Goals

These are my goals until the end of this year. I
have set goals that I can achieve of course but
if I can't achieve these goals I will still have to work
on them.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Reading Today

Today For reading I did blog commenting for reading.
 I commented on my friends post Samoan Shapes here 
is a picture of what I said and a link to her blog. (LINK TO BLOG)
I had also commented on another friends blog his name is Willy (LINK TO BLOG)
I commented on his Xtra math post.

Samoan Words

This is a task I had completed with my two friends
Deandra and Chardonnay we made this DLO
so that you can say Samoan words easier and know
what they mean as well.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Shantai and Ma'asi Multiplication Wheels

Today I was working with Ma'asi, we were practising our multiplication.
We used this DLO (digital learning object) to help us with our multiplication
skills and we only practised the ones we needed to work on like our Seven Times
Tables etc.