Friday, 25 October 2013

Athletics Day

Figure out who the main character is?
The day started ordinary, Finn went to go to Jakes  house because they always walked to school together. As Finn was walking he remembered that it was Athletics day.He ran home and put on his house colour shirt he was in Benghazi which is the colour green.So when he got home he threw his shirt on and ran to Jakes house or they would be late for school!

When they got to school they were just in time for Athletics running races when they ran they either came first or second.Then came the finals Fiona came third Jake came second and Finn came first. Their names were called out to compete in two more days to see who wins the trophy for their team.Finn told Jake that he was going to win and then they got angry at each other then they decided not to be friends any more and every time they saw each other they did the evils!!!!

The day arrived time to start the races had began it came down to the three Fiona ran faster than a pistol pass Finn and Jake the races finished and Fiona came first, Jake came second and Finn came last. They asked Fiona why they didn't come first! She replied “Because your not friends any more” They sighed and said sorry to each other and asked Fiona to be their friend she said yes!!!

The End
Who was the main Character write it in your comment?

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