Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Story About Two Children in 1840

The day started normal in Europe 1840, Fiona and Zac where at home with their mother and father.While they were at home they sat down in there room and built a little fort. Zac said to Fiona “ISN’T IT AMAZING Fiona!?”.Fiona replied “ Of course we made it, didn’t you just help me build it!”. Zac just sighed and said “ I’m the king and you can be the queen”. Fiona shook her head and said “ NO! I AM THE PRINCESS I DON’T WANT TO BE THE QUEEN WHO IS SO OLD AND WILL SHRIVEL UP AND DIE!!!”. Zac jumped in fright “okay okay” he replied.

One day while they were playing Zac heard loud thumping and told Fiona to be quiet Fiona was going to yell at him until she heard yelling and glass smashing she knew something was wrong their parents had never fought before.They snuck downstairs and saw some soldiers, Zac told Fiona that they were the Nazi’s “ Who are the Nazi’s” she whispered to Zac. Zac told her “evil evil people ruled by hitler”.They both whispered “ We need to get out of here NOW!”. They ran down the stairs one Nazi grabbed Fiona with his hand and with his other hand and signaled the other soldiers, one big soldier nipped Zac’s shirt and pulled him forward  in his deep voice he said going some where are we now”. Zac was shocked with horror that he couldn’t talk.All of a sudden they were thrown to a weaker soldier he wasn’t scared at all because they were only little.

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