Monday, 23 February 2015

Pool Picnic

Pool Picnic!

On Wednesday 18 February Tamaki Primary School  were ready to have fun with our whanau, friends and teachers. Travelling by bus to YMCA pools in Panmure.

Before we left the teacher had to explain the rules so that we were safe around the water, one of the biggest rules were no running around the pool, because if we slipped we would be badly injured.

We arrived with our buddy class and split up to get changed when we were finished  sat on the grass and waited for others to come out after everyone was finished changing, we had the teachers explain the expectations.

First the juniors had free time while the seniors had to do the duathlon, meaning that we had to swim and run. Everybody was thrilled to be swimming and running, other teams were very energetic and competitive to be first. I could hear people being encouraged also huffing and puffing from running 1km. When everyone got back it was time for morning tea.

After morning tea  the seniors had free time in the pool. I could hear people shouting and splashing the water, I saw teachers being dunked in the water by students and people swimming. People started running to the water pads.
I heard them laughing, chatting and having fun.

Then it was time for lunch! Everybody lined up for the sausage sizzle and ice blocks you could see them waiting patiently to get to the front of the line. You could see them eagerly looking for somewhere to sit so they could enjoy the sausage sizzle and ice block.

After lunch everybody was tired and started relaxing I saw people lying on and getting a suntan, I could hear people giggling in the sun and chatting with their friends.

The best part for the seniors would have to be.... The Diving Board which we did before we left people were getting fired up standing in line ready to jump in. When  they jumped in they made enormous splashes! I could hear people giggling and saw people getting pumped up ready to make the biggest splash of them all!

Finally, after we finished the diving board we went to the changing rooms to get in our uniforms, when we arrived back to school exhausted and ready to go home.


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