Friday, 13 February 2015

My Poem


Ms Aireen said...

Wow Shantai you have expressed very deep thoughts in this poem. Who are you talking about in this poem? The last phrase really got me thinking and wanting to know more about the deep thoughts being expressed and hoping that this person perseveres so that he/she is noticed. Maybe this person needs to think of effective ways to become more noticeable in the crowd.

Here are some questions that come to my mind?
-Why is it important for this person to be noticed?
-What is stopping this person from growing at a steady pace?

Shantai H said...

Thank you for commenting on my post,
I think this girl is being held back by people who laugh or maybe she has been bullied, but she is slowly growing and when she has finished growing she will be the biggest and brightest rose in the bunch. I think that if she is noticed she could bring new things to herself and others.

Ms Aireen said...

I agree with your thinking Shantai. I think this girl will be able to grow steadfast in confidence if she talks more openly to someone about the way she feels. If she is being bullied she needs to tell someone that she trusts like a favourite teacher at school, a best friend or a family member.

I am hoping this girl speaks up so that she is able to express herself freely in the light rather than the dark - no one should be afraid to express themselves because of being bullied - bullying can be stopped.

Here is a video clip that this girl should watch which I hope will encourage her to speak up if she is being bullied:

Shantai H said...

Thank you for your suggestion, I think that she may be able to stand up for herself now and be able to grow her confidence in terms of sharing ideas or making new friends.

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