Friday, 23 August 2013



Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was the orangutan family. They were a very happy family. There were only three of the orangutans which were Mummy Tan, Daddy Ug and Baby Smud . But things were not like they are today, they were a bit different. By different I mean that the orangutans were humans and humans were animals and other animals were still animals! Read this story, and see if you can spot the differences... One day the orangutans went on a trip to go to the Zoo. When they got there, they went to the human section. They had heard about these humans and were interested in checking them out. The orangutans spoke in English to the humans. The humans looked at the orangutans and got very angry. They started to throw branches at the orangutans! “I’m scared!,” Baby Smud said to Daddy Ug. They thought they had said something wrong so they left the humans and went to see the lions. The lions were very mad they thought that the orangutans were going to steal their territory. The lions felt really offended! “ROAR,” one of the lions said to Mummy Tan. “Lets go to another animal!,” Mummy Tan shouted. Then they saw the Gorilla’s and the big Gorilla was mad. He had ripped the fence off and chased the orangutan family all over the Zoo! They all were exhausted and wanted to leave. They searched for the exit and ran for it. But the Gorilla was still chasing them. “OH NO!,” Daddy Ug complained. They ran and ran but could not get away. Then they came to a dead end and they all tried to climb the fence until finally they got away. Mummy Tan luckily called the Zoo to lock away the bad gorilla! When they got home, they all had a discussion about the zoo. They decided that next time they would be a lot more careful at the zoo and would stay away from gorillas! 

 The End 

 By Shantai `

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