Thursday, 27 June 2013

My Free Writing About My Super Hero

My hero is called The Demon Killer.She kills demons to save the world.Her favourite colour is red and black.She will save you from anything bad coming your way unless its something like a bullying situation.My hero is amazing she has a sword and spiked gloves.She is a demigod which means she is half of a human and a god.She is part devil, angel and human she is a extreme demigod.Her first visit to hell was weird because her white wings turned black  and her shoes turned black, as well as her cloths and she had grown a tail red and black.Her father is god and her mother is a devils peasant.Her father is really bossy when she hangs out with her boyfriend.God loves her to bits.When she dreams her mother is free and loving.As her mother slaves she begs to be free.

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