Friday, 28 June 2013

My Descriptive Writing

The Swan

Waiting, the swan makes gentle ripples in the water, hoping for a swarm of other beautiful swans to swoop down and play with her, searching for a friend to talk to. The reflection of the city shines on the dark blue water. The swan swims peacefully by itself. She feels the seaweed under her body, gently dancing and waving across her belly, tickling her stomach, making her squeal in delight.Trees peacefully stand in front of the swan as she swims past, her white feathers glistening in the sun.

The swan swims looking for prey. She stares into the depths of the water, looking at the fish, waiting to catch one as if her mouth is a fishing rod. The swan can smell barbecues from far in the woods while she sits waiting for food. The swan can taste the salty water as she opens her mouth under the blue ocean as she tries to gulp a fish in her beak. The swan can taste bits of oil as she has a drink.

Looking around, she can hear people talking in forest, and the wind blowing the trees, trying to push them over. The wind blows her feathers and makes her shiver with cold. About to cry, the white feathered bird stares at her reflection hoping for another beautiful swan to join her. Why is she all alone?

By Shantai

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