Friday, 25 May 2012

Spooky Halloween Nights

                                          Spooky Halloween Nights 
 One day in America two best friends lived in a big city named HollyWood. Sophie and Nikki loved Halloween and always played together they did everything like play and do each others makeup and if Nikki was upset Sophie would cheer her up by doing funny faces and being silly and tomorrow was Halloween they were so excited and they always went together when trick - or - treating . The next day was Halloween Sophie yelled at nikki “ It’s Halloween get up already nikki ”. Sophie and Nikki always did everything together.
Problem :
They got dressed and headed off they came past this weird looking house then Nikki said “hey let’s go check that place out Sophie !” Sophie replied “ sure then but don’t forget this was your idea”. Nikki replied “ yeah yeah whatever now come on !”. When they got to the house they knocked on the door and then a weird looking man appeared at the door and said “ what do you want ” he looked as if he was in a bad mood and then Nikki said “ uh why do you think were here ! ” not soon after she said that the man said in a very cross voice I will kill you in your sleep then Sophie and Nikki ran all the way home with terror.
 After that terrible Halloween night they had told their parents about everything and they rang the police and told what street what house and the police had told the two friends that they were safe and that they caught a criminal and murderer and their parents were relieved those two little friends were safe .

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