Monday, 28 May 2012

I am learning to create a cloze task that includes my spelling words for this week.

Can you fill in the gaps by using the words in the box provided?

1.  I blew a big ____________ to my dog to come back.
2.    I saw a ______________ at the airport.
3.    I went to the _________ to say good bye.      
4.    I rolled down a wheel ________.
5.    I blew a big _________.
6.   I ate some dark _________
7.   I saw a ___________at my house.
8.   I saw my sisters ___________ in her knee .                                                                       
9.   I touched the  __________ to open it.
10. I was really _____ to see  my step brother Tony from auz.
11. Someone was calling me so I had to _______ it.
12. I saw a __________ of the smurfs.
13.  I was  _________ my favorite program.

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