Friday, 8 November 2013

Am I Worth it ?

I was out camping with my mum and dad.It was amazing!!!It felt like the moon had zoomed in on a computer screen, the moon’s light shined into the water was calm I looked at myself in the river it was like my reflection was talking to me then I would talk to it back. 

I have not told anyone and I wasn't going to tell anyone if I did every one would think I am crazy. And my mum and dad would think I am crazy to.

I love my mum and dad but I don't think they love me. I always get told off and I have to baby sit I have to clean the room I have to clean everything.I am only six do they know that or did they forget.I am so tired that I am going to faint or from all the hard work!!!To be Continued


ChardonnayT said...

SHANTAI! You have written a beautiful narrative. I think you should work on making it longer, It is good as a trailer for your TO BE CONTINUED. I can't wait till your next narrative, your friend Char.

Teharangi said...

this is a very sad story I like gep it up

Paige said...

That is so so sad

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