Monday, 1 July 2013

The Light House Description

In the stormy night I sit in the light house watching the waves clash on the rocks. As i'm ready to leave I look out to the bridge waves crash onto the bridge making it slippery.I  watch the waves crash onto ships.Wobbling the ships with so much force the ships look like they are going to flip.I sit on the couch in the spare room I grab the blanket laying on the couch. Then grab a cushion and sit by the window watching the waves crash.I can smell the odour from the salty water polluted from the oil waving it’s way out of the ships.

The waves clash against the door banging and shouting here I come.
I look beyond all the waves over the hill and can see the city lights I hum a tune to calm myself down from fear travelling around me making me claustrophobic.The waves surround me as I am prey they are waiting for me to exit the lighthouse.I can sense hunger coming from the sea waiting to kill.I smell hunger and anger coming towards me from the waves and ocean.I hear the waves singing la la here is a feast for all of us la la.I can taste my fear ready to burst and make me scream.I can see  the waves smiling at me ready to bite.I can touch little drops of sea coming towards me.I feel my heart like its about to explode and burst out my mouth. The light growls at them telling them to leave.

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