Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Last Fruit Bowl

One sunny bright day in the Cook Islands there were two kind and generous kids named Chris and Mary. They were best friends. People sometimes thought Chris was Mary because they always wore the same things, but just so you know chris is a girl. They were at the beach on a hot blazing sunny day then Mary said to Chris “ Oi go grab us a drink and some fruit ” then chris replied “ Ok”. Mary said “ She was the boss of Chris ” and Chris replied “ No you’re not the boss of me ” when he got her stuff.

When she got there they had no fruit left not even a crumb he walked back and told Mary “there was no more fruit left” she had thought that Chris was lying to her so she said “ I’ll go look myself then you liar” so she had seen that she wasn’t lying so they packed there stuff and went to the markets. when they got there they went in and looked around the market all there was were fish, pig, chicken and they hated fish, chicken and pig. they searched everywhere for fruit then Chris remembered a secret her dad told her. Then she told Mary that there was a secret bowl of fruit.  Then Mary said “ Lets go search for it then where is it”  Chris replied “ Um I think it’s in the jungle”. After she had told her about the fruit bowl they started talking about what they were going to do then Chris had an idea and told Mary “ We will sneak out of our house when our family is asleep ok” Mary replied “ yep I got it ”. Then they had only one place to go and meet at it was  the beach they up. The next day Chris’s parents had woken up and went into her bedroom to wake her up for school when they got into her room she wasn’t in there at all so they thought she went to Mary’s because they always walk together when they go to school. Then mary’s parents went into her room and said mary get up for school now but she didn’t wake up so they went over to her bed and she was gone so they thought that she was already gone with Chris. So the two families met up and talked about how wonderful there kids are at school and at home after they had finished talking Mary’s parents said “ it is so wonderful for your daughter to walk mary to school because there such cutest friends” .“WHAT” said Chris’s parents I thought mary picked up Chris “no she didn’t though”. After that conversation they wondered where there kids were they went to their school and asked there teacher if she had seen them come to school this morning the teacher said “no I haven’t seen them since last friday why what's the matter”. “Well our children are missing and we need to find them now” then the parents got really upset about where there children were and if they were okay. They were gone for days the parents started to get upset. Meanwhile the kids where searching for the fruit bowl then they came across an old abandoned fale they had nowhere to sleep so they went inside and found two lavalavas so they slept in them and used them as blankets then Mary woke up and got Chris and told her “what if our parents will miss us plus i’m so hungry and this place gives me the creeps”.
The next day they had set off and walked passed some bushes there was a pathway they walked back and there sitting on a huge rock was the biggest fruit bowl they had ever seen it would have to take two people to carry it they were gleaming at it with there bulging eyes . Then Mary walked closer  then Chris grabbed her by the arm and said “ something doesn’t  feel right ” then she looked for a rock then she found  a rock and threw it over then there where two  guards they where skeletons they looked like they where puppets and they had swords like pirates.The only way they  could get past  them was either to kill them our sneak past and Mary was a little freaked out but what they did was sneak past was from. Sneaking from the back they got the fruit and replaced it with some rocks and an old coconut shell then traveled  back  home and they celebrated and they planted the fruit seeds and the parents where so grateful to be reunited they lived with heaps of fruit they where all delighted to have fruit again.
                           The End

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