Friday, 29 June 2012

Pmis Movie Reflection


What did you like about this term’s unit?
What challenges did you have with this unit?
What interested you about this unit?
How could we improve on this unit next time.
Using a camera.

having the opportunity to edit a movie.

learning editing skills
acting in a movie
working as a group to plan our movies.

Acting in a movie.

This unit helped us build stronger relationships with each other.

Learning about movie making equipment like the tripod, imove programme, flip cam etc.

Enjoyed learning about the movie making process - brainstorming, planning, script writing, storyboarding, filming, editing, presenting.
Learning about the different effective camera shots.

Waiting for our turn to film because there was only one flip-cam and a tripod.

We couldn’t film sometimes as some students were away and the weather was not too good.

Memorising your lines for our scripts.
The editing process.

Adding sound effects and music to our movies.

Learning how professional film makers make movies and trying to develop their skills throughout the process of our filmmaking experience.

Learning the movie elements helped us to make our movies interesting to watch!
`More flip-cams and tripods.

Have the Imovie programme on our netbooks so that we could edit our movies instead of waiting for a group to finish.

Practise lines at home with our families.

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